• Client & Funder: Department for International Development (DFID).
  • Country: Pakistan.
  • Years: 2006 – 2007.

Implemented Activities:

Conditional Cash Transfers Project design for 50,000 beneficiary families, including design parameters for: objectives, eligibility criteria, payments, conditionalities, exiting scheme, case management; and project cycle for: focalization, enrolment, payments, conditionalities, case management and monitoring.

Preparation of the operational manual with the pertinent technical annexes: guides for the targeting, enrolment, transfer systems, appeals and grievances systems and training of involved personnel.

Assessment and organizational structure proposal for the program.

Support and technical assistance during implementation of the pilot project: enrolment process, payments and control of conditionalities.

Additional information:

  • Sector: Social Protection.
  • Target population: Poor households.
  • Program Type: Cash transfer, Conditional cash transfer.
  • Type of Consultancy: Ex-ante assessment and design proposal, Detailed design, Technical assistance during implementation.