• Client: Government of Yemen.
  • Funder: World Bank.
  • Country: Yemen.
  • Years: 2013-2015.

Ayala Consulting Group will provide long-term technical assistance to the Social Welfare Fund (SWF), which has over 1 million beneficiary households, to develop their operational processes and procedures throughout the cycle of the cash transfer program, and to strengthen their focus on poverty.

The objectives of the consultancy include:

Assisting the SWF to respond to its revised mandate to focus assistance on the poor and vulnerable by developing a poverty-based PMT-method targeting system for the SWF;

Reviewing the existing cash transfer mechanism and implementing system-wide new, tested cash transfer procedures based on international best practices;

Providing capacity-building for SWF staff and management in all aspects of the program cycle, including beneficiary enrolment, compliance monitoring, and case management, to strengthen administration and improve performance of the program;

Providing technical assistance in the development of the Operations Manual and its Technical Annexes as reference texts for staff to aid in continued capacity building;  

Developing a responsive MIS that conforms to the design of the program and links data entered at the district, governorate and head office levels to program operations to provide up-to-date information for case management and Monitoring and Evaluation;

Implementing Monitoring and Evaluation systems to track inputs, outputs, and program performance;

Developing a comprehensive SWF communication strategy targeting internal and external stakeholders, and rolling out a public information campaign including technical assistance, materials, training, media services, etc.

Additional Information:

  • Sector: Social Protection
  • Target population: Poor households.
  • Program type: Cash transfer & Conditional cash transfer.
  • Type of consultancy: Detailed design, Technical assistance during implementation, Management Information System.