• Country: Belize.
  • Client: Government of Belize.
  • Funder: Inter-American Development Bank.
  • Year: 2010.

Ayala Consulting signed a contract to advise the government on the work to be done by the firm in the design and implementation of a beneficiary information system; the Single Information System of Beneficiaries (SISB) for the Government of Belize to use as an instrument for social policy and social programs.

Implemented Activities:

Provide technical assistance, advice, guidance and support to the Government of Belize (GOB), entities involved in the design and implementation of the SISB throughout the period of design and initial implementation.

Advise the GOB entities on the relationship between the Single Information System of Beneficiaries and the technical work being done on the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program.

Review the Beneficiary Targeting Index (BTI), statistical processing of the information contained in the Single Beneficiary Registry to produce an index of priorities of the beneficiaries.

Additional Information:

  • Sector: Social Protection.
  • Target population: Poor households.
  • Program Type: Single Registry.
  • Type of Consultancy: Ex-ante assessment and design proposal, Detailed design, Management information system.