• Client & Funder: UNICEF Nigeria.
  • Country: Nigeria.
  • Year: 2010.

Ayala Consulting Corporation was contracted by UNICEF Nigeria to support the Bauchi and Katsina State governments with the design and piloting of CCT programs related to girls’ education and health, aiming to improve their education. Furthermore, the program also provided an opportunity to enhance maternal and child health related conditions.

Activities Implemented:


Development of the state-specific inception paper with a finalized work plan.

Development of the main Operational Manuals (OMs) for Katsina and Bauchi states.

Development of the targeting criteria, based on an analysis of which targeting mechanism/combination of mechanisms are most applicable for both states.

Preparation of technical documents indicating the procedures and flows of the program including: targeting, supply capacity, enrolment, payments, monitoring conditions, case management, and monitoring and evaluation system.

MIS Development:

Development of the software application specifications.

Development of the software applications for Katsina and Bauchi states.

Technical Assistance during implementation:

Prepare logistic plans, train unit officers, and supervise field work.

Transfer of knowledge by training and working together with Nigerian consultants and government officials.

Additional Information:

  • Sector: Education.
  • Target population: Children, Women.
  • Program Type: Cash transfer, Conditional cash transfer.
  • Type of Consultancy: Ex-ante assessment and design proposal, Detailed design, Technical assistance during implementation, Monitoring, Implementation management, Management information system.