Capacity building for local program staff is a core part of Ayala Consulting’s methodology.

In Lesotho, a Capacity Assessment was carried out in 2013. Based on those results, a number of trainings are scheduled for both Central and District level staff. These trainings will aim to build a strong team of trainers at both levels, including officers from different sections within the Ministry, who are then able to carry out training to other staff at all levels.

Enrolment Training

Enrolment training for the CGP-CCT pilot is scheduled to start in March. Immediately after training, enrolment of CGP-CCT beneficiaries will begin. Following our company training methodology, Ayala Consulting officials will conduct the first training with staff from the Ministry of Social Development (MOSD). MOSD staff will then be responsible to take over and train the remaining groups of implementing staff, with supervision and support from Ayala Consulting.