During the second week of October, Ayala Consulting undertook its second mission to the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. The main objectives of this mission were to present the preliminary Inception Report including the Design Proposal for the Single Household Registry, and the first results of the Proxy Means Test.


Picture of Francisco Ayala presenting the Inception Report (left) and David Lawson presenting the PMT Formula (right)

In line with the company’s Participatory Approach, several individual interviews and group meetings were held with representatives of the counterpart Ministry and other relevant governmental institutions, as well as with poor and vulnerable persons from civil society.

Thanks to valuable information inputs, comments and discussions, the Inception Report and the PMT Report could be completed and adjusted to suit the country’s context and needs.



Picture of Village Focus Group Meetings (left: St. Kitts, right: Nevis)

Having consolidated the Design for the Single Household Registry, now the team is ready to start working on the Registration Annex and its corresponding MIS Module to carry out a Pilot Test in February and Massive Data Collection in March 2015.

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