Ayala Consulting successfully finished its one-year-contract for the development and implementation of a Management Information System (MIS) for the Nigerien Social Safety Net Project (SSNP). The MIS is used to administer two of the components of the SSNP: the cash transfer for food and nutrition security and the cash for work program. Among others, the MIS facilitates registering all applicant households and verifying if they meet the eligibility criteria, enrolling the beneficiaries into the program, generating transfer lists, monitoring the compliance with the soft conditions, registering complaints and updates of beneficiary data and providing statistical data used for monitoring. As part of the contract Ayala Consulting also developed applications which allow the use of progressive technology such as tablet computers.

The Cash transfer for food and nutrition security has around 11.000 beneficiaries by April 2013 in 2 regions of Niger. These households, which belong to the most food insecure and poorest households in Niger, receive 10.000 CFCA on a monthly basis to support their income. Using the applications and the MIS developed by Ayala Consulting the program can expand to the targeted 80.000 households in 5 regions of Niger.

Niger Cash for Work Program

The cash for work program was successfully launched in April 2013 and will provide 15.000 households yearly with an additional income for a 3-month period while constructing and maintaining useful public goods.

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