Ayala Consulting Corporation specializes in the design and implementation of Conditional/Unconditional Cash and In-kind Transfer programs, Cash for Work programs, and National Registries.

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Founded in 2010, in Miramar, Florida, Ayala Consulting Corporation is part of Ayala Consulting Group, working to assist the world’s poor and vulnerable by designing and implementing effective social safety nets.

Our principal clients include the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, UNICEF, Department for International Development, and various governments worldwide through their respective executing agencies. Ayala Consulting Corporation has delivered projects in various countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.


The scope of our services covers social sector projects related to: education, health, housing, social protection, and municipal development.

We provide comprehensive technical assistance including, but not limited to, the provision of: manuals, guidelines, information systems, training, and assessment studies which are required for the initiation of projects in record time. The company and our professional team work flexibly and in close collaboration with our clients in order to provide them with both general and specific services so that all of their needs are met.


Ayala Consulting Corporation is an organization that designs and provides technical assistance for the implementation of programs and projects with social impact.

Our mission is to mitigate poverty levels through the design and implementation of social programmes which contribute to the development of the human capital of vulnerable groups, and to support governments and international development agencies in this regard in any part of the world where required.

Our work team is characterized by its skills and capacity to assimilate the work methodology developed by the Company, its adaptability to various cultural environments, and the formation of productive and competitive teams.


Our medium-term vision is to be an organization with a global perspective, recognized worldwide for its capacity to respond in an innovative manner and in record time to the urgent needs of Governments and International Development Agencies through Non-Contributory Social Protection Programs based on the needs of vulnerable groups.


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