Our commitment to both our client’s and our own standards is what sets Ayala Consulting Corporation apart as a world-class professional organization.

Our work is driven by four core values:

values02-english-365x234  Work with Integrity Put the Client first Provide real Teamwork Achieve Excellence

Work with Integrity

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We act with integrity and in an ethical manner in everything we do and say, thereby earning and maintaining the trust and respect of customers, shareholders, suppliers, colleagues, partners and communities. We honour our commitments and are accountable for our actions, successes and failures.

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Put the Client first

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The work produced by Ayala Consulting Corporation is focused on the client. We put in the effort to cover all the necessary factors in order to satisfy the client. We take the client’s point of view into account at every step, and we maintain continuous communication between our team and the client. We emphasize responsiveness, creativity, innovation and imagination in all we do. We are committed to putting in the personal attention, technical expertise and hard work to accomplish a successful project and exceed the client’s expectations.

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Provide real Teamwork

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The company undertakes our projects with a real group of consultants. Many consulting agencies are simply virtual agencies hiring individual consultants with experience in a determined area to work on the project at hand. This methodology often results in a loss for the client; since these consultants do not know each other and are not part of a team ultimately they produce individual reports without an aggregate value.

Ayala Consulting Corporation’s method is very different since we have a team of permanent, trained, and experienced personnel. Our consultants have been trained and professionally formed together internally, which is why our work culture is more complete and coordinated, resulting in real teamwork.

When Ayala Consulting Corporation is working on a project, the firm carries out a comprehensive effort. Our group of consultants collaborates on every aspect in order to produce team reports. As a result, Ayala Consulting Corporation offers products of high quality to the client.

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Achieve Excellence

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Our drive is to deliver what we promise and fulfil clients’ expectations. We achieve excellence thanks to our multicultural team of social project engineers and our experience managing the “how to”.

Ayala Consulting Corporation is an enterprise with a multicultural personnel. The members of this consulting agency come from various countries and have diverse experience and knowledge. This fundamental strength allows the company to successfully complete projects in various countries and on different continents with positive results for both the client country and our team.

Furthermore, Ayala Consulting Corporation is an enterprise specialized in the design and implementation of social projects, and we take pride in being “Social Projects Engineers”. We are specialized in responding to the operative problems that emerge in this type of project, and finding the most efficient solutions to get the proposed interventions to the people in need. Our team of consultants is constantly developing new methodologies, systems and innovative interventions to improve operational efficiency. We avoid presenting only the planning, recommendations, or technical reports, on the contrary, we focus on practical solutions and the provision of “how-to” technical assistance during the implementation of a project.

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