Ayala Consulting Corporation offers
unique professional opportunities in the field:

"Working at Ayala Consulting offers a great opportunity to give 'body' to a program idea and experience how the design that you contributed to is also actually being implemented. In my previous position as a Consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank in Suriname, I was often caught up in internal bureaucratic procedures.

Now, I am part of the team that has to ensure that programs do make progress by doing the actual implementation in the field."

- Chantal Elmont, Project Officer

"At Ayala Consulting, I get the field experience and opportunity to lead projects that I wasn't getting as a Management Consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

At Ayala Consulting, I participate fully in all aspects of the project life cycle including design and evaluation. Now I am in the field in Malawi, exposed every day to the specific challenges of the project, and tasked with finding solutions to keep the project progressing."

- Kyle Denny, Project Officer

"Working in Ayala Consulting has broadened my knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of social development programmes.

The company espouses a culturally diverse work environment which enhances the adaptability of its work approach to various country contexts."

- Andrene Henry, Project Officer


Ayala Consulting offers unique professional opportunities to gain experience with hands-on Project Management, work with high-profile international organizations and national governments, and aid poor and vulnerable populations. 


We are committed to fostering a culturally diverse work environment and providing opportunities for dedicated individuals to grow with the company.


All of our associates benefit from training in our methodology and project operational assistance in our Quito office, followed by the possibility of placement in the field based on individual progress and project availability.


We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

  1. Accounts Officer